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Does other party need to have Nitro Pro to complete interactive forms?

Philip Hamilton
asked this on March 4, 2013, 14:10

I am trying to create an interactive form. Such a form would include text boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, etc. I can't find a tutorial to creating a good form in Nitro 8 and have just submitted a request to Nitro Support.

If I can successfully create such a form in Nitro 8, what kind of software does the user need to have in order to fill out the form that I send them? Do they need to have Nitro 8, for example?




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Alyssa Lee
Nitro PDF Software
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Hi Philip!

I can help you out -

Yes, Nitro Pro can create interactive forms.  To find the tools that you need to do this:

Open Nitro Pro > click on the Forms tab.  Here you'll see different types of fields that would be relevant to your form creation.


More info on the actual tools can be found in the User Guide.  To find this, click on the Help tab > User Guide.


Other users will be able to fill out the forms you create in any PDF reading software, so they are not limited to only using Nitro software. However, if they do not have a PDF reading software installed to fill in the form, they can download and install our free reader from:


Hope this helps!  I know this was already addressed in a ticket a while back, but if you have any more questions, feel free to submit another ticket to us at

April 16, 2013, 08:39
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